Cub Scout Pack 160

Cub Scout Pack 160

We meet the nicest people.   Cub Scout Pack 160 came out in 2015 and returned on August 6, 2016.

Pack 160 Launch Time at Adventure Mendota

Pack 160 Launch Time at Adventure Mendota

Here’s another view point.  I keep thinking NASCAR, but these little “engines” are far cuter.  These little folks paddled five river miles with minimal help from their parents and Adventure Mendota staff.

Cub Scout 7

Are you thinking what we’re thinking?  Cute as a button!
Pack 160

A Favorite Moment

What is there not to love about this photograph?   With so much violence in the world, this picture speaks to me.  What are they looking for?  What are they seeing?  What are we seeing?   I choose love.  

Good picture

There is evil in the world.  There is unkindness.  Sometimes we are the ones who are unkind and sometimes we are the ones that are mistreated.    There is also wonder and beauty and kindness.

I choose love.  


Upriver Route

Upriver Route

During our first year we were asked by quite a few folks who owned their own kayaks, “can you get me on the river where I can fish?”     If you were one of these people, why don’t you try our five-mile upriver route?    About 13 did over Memorial Day 2016, including these four lovely ladies.

customwer owned

We were a little worried about dropping them off knowing they had five river miles to paddle.  When we said “are you sure?”  They looked at us like we had grown a third eye, helped unload their kayaks and paddled off.   Girl power.  Why did we even question it?

Details…we need a minimum of two kayaks on a run such as this.  We charge $15 per kayak.   We keep the price low because we are going to ask you to help our driver in loading and unloading your kayak.   You can kayak back to your car, safety hanging out with us back at the shop, and all that we ask is that you arrive by 6 pm so that we can close up and go home and get some rest.  You’ll be tired, too, so it works for all of us.

It doesn’t work for other watercraft such as canoes or a flat-bottomed boat since our kayak trailer is…well…a kayak trailer.  If you want help with one of these, give us a call and we’ll talk through the best way to help you out, just keeping in mind that we can’t make a trip for only one watercraft at $15.   We always try our best to get you on the water, but sometimes it just does not work for other types of watercraft.

You still will need to sign a waiver and have appropriate footwear.   Hope to see you soon on the upriver route.


Getting Ready!

We are opening Saturday, May 7, weather and river conditions permitting. We’ve been getting ready for you. First of all, Mike put up this great kayak barn quilt square. I love it.  It only took him one full year to get it up after he painted it!!   (Seriously!)  In his defense, it was buried under a stack of innertubes and kayaks.

Kayak Quilt Square

When folks came out last year, they got off the river starving and asked us about food. We are adding Mayfield ice cream so we’ll have something to hold you over until you get back to civilization to town.  We operate out of Mike’s shop.  We call it base camp to be fancy, but it’s really just a shop.   At one time we played Rook there quite often and while waiting, we worked jigsaw puzzles.   I’ve got all these puzzles so I’m “decorating” with them.  See the two above the ice cream cooler?

Ice Cream R

We’ve been washing PFDs.  We put them away clean but we thought you’d like them to smell nice and fresh so we rinsed each one in vinegar and water following by a wash in Gain detergent.   Like our hillbilly clothesline?   Ya gotta  use what you have.  .

Vests R

Speaking of using what  you have.   Do you like the way we’re displaying our tees?    This is an old Canada Dry crate from the bottling plant that used to be in Weber City.   Today, it has been scrubbed and lives at Adventure Mendota with the important job of keeping up with our size small tees!

Crate of Tees

I hope you like them.   Please buy these t-shirts.  I beg of you…I will never fit into a small.   They are blue with the Adventure Mendota logo.  I’m still working on the other sizes.

Tees 2016

And last Tuesday, we had a call at 5:30 am when it was still dark and the moon was out.  I thought someone had died!   However, it was good news.  The caller said, “This is Jessie with Jackson Kayaks…I’m in Hiltons, Virginia.”  Mike and I looked at each other and said “Holy Cow!  The Rivis (Rivieras) are here!”   See the stack of yellow Jackson Riviera kayaks.  They were made in the last two weeks at the Jackson plant in Tennessee.   There are many reasons we selected Jackson as the kayak for Adventure Mendota.  There are many cheaper kayaks.  However, based on the type of kayak (sit on top), our river (mellow), and the durability and quality that other outfitters told us about….PLUS they are located in Tennessee–that sealed the deal.  We live in Southwest Virginia but many of our guests come from Tennessee.


More to come in a few days!    It’ll look like this around here shortly.  I can’t wait!


Hopefully, Mike and I will see you in person in a few weeks.  Until then, may God bless you and those you love!



Getting Close to May 7!

Getting Close to May 7!

Wow…it was hard this weekend watching all of the kayakers driving up and down Swinging Bridge Road looking for a place to get on and take out.   We’ve started to receive calls, but we’re not quite ready to go so we’re holding firm with that Saturday, May 7 date.  Now, watch it rain!  NO!  I did not say that!

We are located in Poor Valley and this sign is up in our shop.  It’s true…people who were born here, like Eva, may move away but they are drawn back.  If you visited us in 2015, we hope you are thinking of returning, too.


We have two really pretty wedding venues just down the road, and we’re not in the wedding business.  However, we’d love to see some of you brides come out and “trash the dress” at Adventure Mendota.   Wear that pretty bridal gown, bridesmaid gown or prom/pageant dress just one more time!

Heather 1

We realize most people aren’t into trashing their dress, but I hope someone will.

Kayaks on ground

We started with 12 kayaks and now there’s almost 60.   You did this.   Thank you.   Can’t wait to see you!

Mike and Eva and the Adventure Mendota Staff


Our First Season…A Few Pictures

We sure enjoyed having you folks out during our first summer.  As I write this, it’s winter, and we’re planning for 2016.  Our first day will be Saturday, May 7, and believe it or now, we’ve already made a few reservations for 2016.  Crazy…in a good way.   Anyway, It has made me nostalgic for our first summer.   Here’s some pictures…

The Adventure Mendota boys took note of the Milligan girls volleyball team!   The next day it was the soccer team.  We had no trouble getting anyone to work those days.

Milligan and Ethan

We are so appreciative to the groups that visited us.   Early on, we decided to focus on being an outdoor activity with opportunities for fun by Christian youth and families.   We’re rewarded when we see these smiling faces.

Pix 5

In the picture below, it’s a small launch.  Adventure Mendota staff member, Ethan, is holding the paddle.  Neth is in the lower right in the red hat.  They assist our kayakers in getting in the Jackson Rivis and with a gentle push, the kayak glides down the water.  No big effort or experience necessary for the kayaker, but our Adventure Mendota boys must be strong.  They lift and carry these kayaks all day long.   Total aside…I can smell that river looking at these pictures…ah summer come on..I’m missing you!

Pix 4

What a pretty young lady!  She’s getting ready to push off and “get off the grid and into the river”.


This lady below visited us several times over the summer.  Each time she came, she brought back more family members.   She became one of our favorite guests and not just because she brought other guests with her.  She loved the river, and that speaks to us.  If you love that river, we’re probably going to adore you!

Pix 2

Here they go…about 2.5 hours of being away from the fast-paced world.  You’re on river time at Adventure Mendota.   Did we tell you that your cell phone does not work when you’re on your journey?

Pix 9

Tubers must be at least four years old.  This young man (below) is loading up his water canon getting ready to do a little tubing and getting his parents a bit wet!!    Each tuber is provided a water canon for use on their trip down the river.

Pix 24 Load it up

Adventure Mendota staff member, Sandy, gives them a little push…and they’re off!

Pix 24

These groomsmen wanted to cool off on a hot weekend.  We were booked up, but after talking with them a bit, we were reassured that they would wait until we could get them on the river.  After being checked in and  fit tested for their PFD’s, they passed the time by  playing cornhole.  About 30 minutes after, we finally got them on the river.    We made a chain gang of groomsmen!    Such nice young men, and we’re so glad to have met them.

Groomsmen in the water

Here ya go!  You’re in a sit-on-top recreational kayak on a Class I recreational river called the North Fork on a beautiful summer day.  Does it get any better?

Picture 4

Hope you haven’t minded our taking a few minutes of your time to revisit our first summer.   We’re glad you stopped by and please continue reading the Adventure Mendota River Blog.

Eva Barker Beaule

Hmmm…We Just Won $10,000!

Hmmm…We Just Won $10,000!

If I could package what it felt like to hear the words “Adventure Mendota wins $10,000” from the Steering Committee members of the My Southwest Virginia Opportunity Cup Challenge, I could be really rich.  It felt good!  The only hard thing about this was realizing that other entrepreneurs went home without $10,000.    They deserved it as well.    These are really great people.

The Cup

Sidenote…why didn’t someone tell me my sweater was too big?   It was roomy and comfortable, but let’s face it, I could have used a size smaller.   

These funds will be put to good use to enhance your “get off the grid and into the river” experience when you visit  Mike, me, River (our mascot), and the amazing Adventure Mendota staff.  We are hopeful all of our staff will be back in place–plus a few new faces–in 2016.   In the publicity picture that the My Southwest Virginia Opportunity Cup folks took (below), River is practicing his PR pitch.  He’s taking his upcoming role very seriously.  Isn’t he lovely?  He was sentenced to be shot if he did not find a home.  Can you imagine?  Thankfully, River and Mike and I are now together and he’s my “Little Man.”

ginormous picture

Thank you for visiting Adventure Mendota’s River Blog.  Please come back from time to time as we share what we’re planning for next year.   You gave us many suggestions.  We listened.   We’re working on them.

Until we see you Float the Fork next summer…XOXO  Eva

Thank You!

Thank you for a great first season.  We have loved being a part of your vacations, your Saturdays, your family reunions, your engagements, your birthdays, your bachelor and bachelorette parties, and all the other fun things you shared with us.


We have now closed for the year.   Hope to see everyone in May, 2016!!

Mike and Eva and the Staff at Adventure Mendota

Outdoor Recreation In Southwest Virginia

Thank you to the Appalachian Spring initiative (that’s pronounced AP PUH LACH UN) for including Adventure Mendota in this wonderful Southwest Virginia Outdoor Recreation video.   We are honored.   If you want to see us, hang around until about the 9th minute, and DO NOT MENTION MY HAIR!!   It was at the end of the day and I’d worked all that day and was “whooped!”