Adventure Mendota In the News

Before we start, let me show you my river today…Oscar Harris said she looked golden.  I think she looks like those old Yoohoo Colas!  You might think this was a bad day to go kayaking…wrong!!   While I would never want to go out on the river during rapidly rising waters or flooding, that was not the case today.  The rains in the past 48 hours had given us about an extra 14″ of water, and, of course, it was muddy since it runs off of our mountain.   It was also the perfect height for the kayaks to glide right on down the river.   No worries about tugging them across rocks!!

Muddy River

We had a busy day, and there are so many layers of people who have got us to this point.  However,  I’m thinking of the media and their diligence in telling people about Adventure Mendota.   They’ve done everything they can to help us succeed.

Here’s the article by Marci Gore at the Kingsport-Times News.  It also ran in the Johnson City Press Chronicle.

WCYB sent Kristen Quon out to float the fork with us!  We had a good time, and she garnered us a lot of attention.

A few weeks ago, author and reporter Joe Tennis, and I, along with his niece and a friend, had a wonderful time kayaking the North Fork, and he wrote about it in the Bristol Herald Courier.

Thank you to all of these wonderful folks.    



When You Get Here

When You Get Here

We ask customers who come in to Float the Fork to arrive 30 minutes ahead of time.  Many ask why.

First, you have to check in and pay your fee.   Next, you must read and sign our liability waiver and be fitted with your personal flotation device.   Once all that is done, we walk down to the riverbank (a very short walk).  That’s when you see this…they are all there with their paddles waiting on you.

Pix 1

We start at the left in the picture above helping you get in your kayak and pushing you off to start your 5 mile river kayak experience.  When you kayak with Adventure Mendota, you launch as a group and you are required to stay together as a group with your new kayak buddies.   You don’t have to be on top of one another, but you do need to be visually in sight of one of our kayaks.   Today they are red, yellow and blue.

River Scene

We do this so that you’ll arrive at our pickup spot at the same time but also for safety and security.  What if you got out of your kayak and slipped and hurt yourself?   Much of the 5 miles is remote–no roads.  Most of the 5 miles is without cell phone access.  Do you see why your kayak buddies are so important?    For nearly two hours, you have an extended family on the North Fork.

At any rate, our launch time is about 4 minutes for about 12 kayaks.  Pretty good don’t you think?

When we push you into the water, that is a fun time for us.   You immediately matter how old you are! You feel the smooth water under you with the gentle current.  You might bobble a bit on  your first few paddles but you’ll get the hang of it quickly.   You feel free.   For two hours, you need to just be a kayaker.  Nothing else. That’s Neth giving this nice kayaker her little boost in the water.     I hope she loved it.   

Pix 5

And then, at the end, we’ll help you out of your kayak, load the kayak on our transport vehicle, and then we’ll take you back to your car at our base camp.   However, you’ll not just be who you were before the trip.

You’ll be a kayaker!!  (That’s me by the way!)  Hey!  Leave me a comment!  Or am I talking to myself???

Ohio State Kayak GoPro Girl

Week Seven

Week Seven

We are at Week Seven at Adventure Mendota, and we’re entering a rainy spell.  We’re part of a rural farming community so we’re grateful for the rain, and besides that, the river needs the rain as well.   However, we realized today that we needed to establish a Weather Policy, so we have determined that if there is a Severe Weather Alert for Scott County, we will stop our operations.   It’s just too risky to put someone on the river when there is potential of a storm.   I updated the website to reflect this policy tonight.  (Side note…we know we’re in Washington County but we sit very close to the Scott County line.  Spitting distance!)

We’re learning all sorts of things.   Who knew a life vest could stink up a storm?   Someone put one on and pointed that out to us.  Yuck.  How did we miss that?   So…while there was down time this weekend, we washed our PFD’s.   First we put them in a white vinegar and water solution and swished them around.  Then they were dunked in a detergent solution.   Following that they were rinsed with a hose and put on our fence.   They looked very colorful.

Life jackets on fence


We loaded Sandy’s truck with tubes.  Does it make you think of the Beverly Hillbillies?

Tube Mobile

I kayaked with Joe Tennis this week.  He wrote the nicest article.  Thank you Joe, Maggie and Raven for spending an afternoon with me.   You can read Joe’s article here:   Float the Fork-BHC 061815

We sent our first sales tax in last month.  I do not mind paying this.  Everyone in the state and local government has worked hard to support Adventure Mendota, and we are very grateful.   They understand the importance of ecotourism for Southwest Virginia’s future.

We have some big plans for July 18 that I am excited about.  Rebecca Pepin’s Fetching Apparel and Adventure Mendota will be teaming up to raise money for the Happy Tails Animal Rescue.   Supporting animal welfare is one of the goals that Mike and I have for Adventure Mendota, and we are so pleased to be doing this.  On that day, 50 percent of all kayak proceeds will go to the Happy Tails.  We’ll be focused strictly on kayaking that day, and we’ll be putting as many people on the river as we can that wish to go.

Another one of our goals was to help with college funds for a few young adults, and we’re grateful that Neth and Will both work with us.   However, they took a bit of time off yesterday to “Float the Fork” and yes, I am aware that they are not wearing their PFDs.  However, they are in the boat.


For all this, many thanks!