Some Things We Are Grateful For…

Some Things We Are Grateful For…

Last week we were slammed, and my cousins were here on their annual visit.   When they spoke about coming up, Mike and I were a little concerned because we knew we would be very busy and very tired.  Like the good people they are, they jumped in and helped out.    On Saturday night, Alisa and Laverne fixed a taco bar dinner.  All day on Saturday, when we were extremely busy, Caroline and Rebecca helped.    The girls may come and stay a few weeks next summer, and boy will they be welcome!

Tube Launching

It is fun to meet the different people that visit our tiny business.   Heath and Devan.  When they came in with their friends I thought Heath was very quiet.   Very good looking but very quiet!   As it turned out, he was quiet because he was a little nervous.  He planned to propose to Devan while floating down the North Fork.   We were honored to be a part of his plan.   We took this picture when they returned.  Congratulations to Heath and Devan.  I hope all their dreams come true.

Engagement Couple

And today was a fun day.  I was at work and missed it, but I can imagine how exciting it was to see Boy Scout Troop #87 roll in.  They have their own van!!    They came in from Charlotte, and we were so grateful they made Adventure Mendota part of their itinerary.

Troop 87

We have enjoyed meeting several Scout groups.  We appreciate them all, but here’s a secret.  This Scout group called when we were just in business a few weeks…before any other Scout group even knew about us!!   We don’t know how they heard of Adventure Mendota, but we knew then that 12 kayaks would never do.  We accepted the reservation and ordered 26 more kayaks within the next few weeks!   Of the 40 kayaks we currently own, they used 30.

Pix 2

There were kayaks everywhere!

Pix 8

Don’t they look pretty going down the North Fork..

Pix 1

These groups understand how precious this natural resource is, and we know that they will leave it better than they found it.  Here she is.   She is truly beautiful.

Shiny River

We hope you are having a good day wherever this finds you, and if you happen to be walking and see a bottle or piece of trash along the road, please pick it up and dispose of it properly.  It may be a kindness no one will even know about, but you’ll know.  And that’s enough.