Hmmm…We Just Won $10,000!

Hmmm…We Just Won $10,000!

If I could package what it felt like to hear the words “Adventure Mendota wins $10,000” from the Steering Committee members of the My Southwest Virginia Opportunity Cup Challenge, I could be really rich.  It felt good!  The only hard thing about this was realizing that other entrepreneurs went home without $10,000.    They deserved it as well.    These are really great people.

The Cup

Sidenote…why didn’t someone tell me my sweater was too big?   It was roomy and comfortable, but let’s face it, I could have used a size smaller.   

These funds will be put to good use to enhance your “get off the grid and into the river” experience when you visit  Mike, me, River (our mascot), and the amazing Adventure Mendota staff.  We are hopeful all of our staff will be back in place–plus a few new faces–in 2016.   In the publicity picture that the My Southwest Virginia Opportunity Cup folks took (below), River is practicing his PR pitch.  He’s taking his upcoming role very seriously.  Isn’t he lovely?  He was sentenced to be shot if he did not find a home.  Can you imagine?  Thankfully, River and Mike and I are now together and he’s my “Little Man.”

ginormous picture

Thank you for visiting Adventure Mendota’s River Blog.  Please come back from time to time as we share what we’re planning for next year.   You gave us many suggestions.  We listened.   We’re working on them.

Until we see you Float the Fork next summer…XOXO  Eva