Our First Season…A Few Pictures

We sure enjoyed having you folks out during our first summer.  As I write this, it’s winter, and we’re planning for 2016.  Our first day will be Saturday, May 7, and believe it or now, we’ve already made a few reservations for 2016.  Crazy…in a good way.   Anyway, It has made me nostalgic for our first summer.   Here’s some pictures…

The Adventure Mendota boys took note of the Milligan girls volleyball team!   The next day it was the soccer team.  We had no trouble getting anyone to work those days.

Milligan and Ethan

We are so appreciative to the groups that visited us.   Early on, we decided to focus on being an outdoor activity with opportunities for fun by Christian youth and families.   We’re rewarded when we see these smiling faces.

Pix 5

In the picture below, it’s a small launch.  Adventure Mendota staff member, Ethan, is holding the paddle.  Neth is in the lower right in the red hat.  They assist our kayakers in getting in the Jackson Rivis and with a gentle push, the kayak glides down the water.  No big effort or experience necessary for the kayaker, but our Adventure Mendota boys must be strong.  They lift and carry these kayaks all day long.   Total aside…I can smell that river looking at these pictures…ah summer come on..I’m missing you!

Pix 4

What a pretty young lady!  She’s getting ready to push off and “get off the grid and into the river”.


This lady below visited us several times over the summer.  Each time she came, she brought back more family members.   She became one of our favorite guests and not just because she brought other guests with her.  She loved the river, and that speaks to us.  If you love that river, we’re probably going to adore you!

Pix 2

Here they go…about 2.5 hours of being away from the fast-paced world.  You’re on river time at Adventure Mendota.   Did we tell you that your cell phone does not work when you’re on your journey?

Pix 9

Tubers must be at least four years old.  This young man (below) is loading up his water canon getting ready to do a little tubing and getting his parents a bit wet!!    Each tuber is provided a water canon for use on their trip down the river.

Pix 24 Load it up

Adventure Mendota staff member, Sandy, gives them a little push…and they’re off!

Pix 24

These groomsmen wanted to cool off on a hot weekend.  We were booked up, but after talking with them a bit, we were reassured that they would wait until we could get them on the river.  After being checked in and  fit tested for their PFD’s, they passed the time by  playing cornhole.  About 30 minutes after, we finally got them on the river.    We made a chain gang of groomsmen!    Such nice young men, and we’re so glad to have met them.

Groomsmen in the water

Here ya go!  You’re in a sit-on-top recreational kayak on a Class I recreational river called the North Fork on a beautiful summer day.  Does it get any better?

Picture 4

Hope you haven’t minded our taking a few minutes of your time to revisit our first summer.   We’re glad you stopped by and please continue reading the Adventure Mendota River Blog.

Eva Barker Beaule