Spring is Coming!

While just a few days ago, Washington County, Virginia schools were closed for snowy, icy roads, spring is coming.   I know this to be true because something else arrived this morning.  It’s kind of blurry but it’s not a mirage!  It’s real!

Three more tandem kayaks arrived.   While we are a Jackson outfitter and we have Jackson tandems, we needed a few other tandems that have the flexibility of seating a “little one” in the center when that situation arrives.  These fit that need.   This gives us six tandems to have on hand.

But our primary business is Jackson single kayaks.  We are ordering about a dozen more in a few weeks.  Right now, we’ve got them stacked here and there..

We’ll have them cleaned and polished up in a few weeks.  Ready to get back rockin’ and rollin’ down the North Fork.

Can’t wait to see you!