We’re Getting Ready!

We’re Getting Ready!

Wow!  Memorial Day has come and went. We were closed due to rain. We’re going to start kayaking with unbrellas!     However, over the past few months, we’ve been busy with other stuff…

First thing, Adventure Mendota now operates with a commercial septic tank system which will allow us to grow and/or expand into other businesses.   We can handle a whole lot of poop!!

We now have two bathrooms.  Some people have diamonds and pearls but I’m most proud of our bathrooms and our Generac generator!   Seriously.   A travel writer visited not long ago; and in his article, he talked about how clean the bathroom was.  Apparently, this is important!

During the winter, Mike and I went to the A-OK auction and bought three rusty lawn chairs.  We had meant to have them sandblasted so they’d be shiny, new, but then…we just spray painted them.   I couldn’t see spending that much money when a can of spray paint is $2.    I love how they turned out.

And our rockers were falling apart. We’ve reconditioned them hoping they will give us a few more years of rockin’ and a rollin’.   Church bench got a new coat of poly as well.  See, you just thought we laid around and slept all winter, didn’t ya?

We are excited to offer Fetching Apparel hats this year.   Hats are expensive unless you buy in a large quantity, and we do not sell a great number of them.  Instead, we opted to have Derek and Rebecca Pepin put their Fetching Apparel hats in Adventure Mendota.   While we not not receive income from these sales,  we wanted to support their small business plus the 40% that they donate with every purchase made.   Animal welfare is important to Mike and me, and we’re pleased to help the cause.

I do not know what small business owners with limited budgets did before the chalkboard craze.   I use it for all of my signage.    Here’s some examples…

River Shoes at Adventure Mendota

And another…

I like the way Mike hung my H2O sign..it’s hanging from the rafters.

It’s hard to display tees.   I’ve looked on Pinterest and other places, but I can’t find something that works for us.   This is the best I can come up with.

Buy a Tee Shirt at Adventure Mendota

Below is our first attempt at displaying the tees.

Guests keep asking for stickers.  We purchased just a few of these.  They sell for $2 each or 2/$3.00.

And while we do not have the Mayfield Ice Cream freezer back this year, we will have Mayfield vanilla and chocolate ice cream cups for sale.  I purchase these in a smaller quantity so I do not have to worry about ice cream MELT DOWNs during our numerous power outages in Mendota.   Dr. Correll came out a few weeks ago and was missing his ice cream.  We cannot disappoint Dr. Correll so we decided to bring ice cream back in a modified fashion!

We are looking forward to having pictures on the river.  We are looking forward to seeing you.    XOXO Eva