Floating The Fork April 19 2015

We are two weeks from opening day on May 2.  So excited!   I went out with my sister and a friend this morning for more “test drives” on the North Fork.    My brother-in-law, Gerald, and Mike have been busy building a launch ramp–something we can pull up if the river floods.   This ramp will make launching easier.  It’s not quite finished but we’re close.



We tested it with my sister.  She’s in Red Hot (I haven’t got the labels on–it’s on my “to do” this week.)  She’s telling me to get out of the way.  I’m at the bottom of the ramp, and we weren’t sure if it would go down fast or slow.

Pat launching on ramp R

Here she is again.  This is such a funny picture.  She’ll kill me for putting it in.

Pat no so certain R

The carpet that the kayak is sitting on was dry, and Mike had to push her.   But she made it down safely, sliding into the water with almost no splash.  See how the back rises up on these Old Town Twisters?  It gives nice support.

Done!  R

Here I am…loving my river.  For the first mile, the river runs along Swinging Bridge Road, and every time a car passed (only twice), I yelled “Come Float the Fork!”   Pat and Margie were ashamed.

Come Kayak With Me R

My friend Margie joined us and she had fun, too!  There’s a swinging bridge in the background.  I rode my bike across this bridge when I was 12.  You’ve heard the expression “the Lord looks after fools and children.”  It’s true!!

chatting on the river R

Pat is a more experienced kayaker than me.  Here she is again.  She had her cell phone with her taking pictures. The river is still cloudy from recent rains.

Pat Fat Cropped

While adults are not required to wear a life vest, we are requiring that they have them on when they launch.  At any rate, they must always be in the watercraft.  For children 13 and under, they must be on the entire time they are in the watercraft.  It’s a Virginia State law.    I’m buying a waterproof camera at Target tomorrow, but Pat’s little cell did pretty good.  Here’s some scenery.  Back by the bluff, we float under a trestle and another swinging bridge.

Trestle and Bridge R

And here’s a little of God’s handiwork…not such a great picture but in “real life” so pretty.   These are Virginia Bluebells.

Virginia BlueBells R

Margie took this of Pat and me when we got out.  The float is five river miles, and since the river is moving fairly swiftly from recent rains, it only took us 1 and 1/2 hours with moderate paddling. Our float time will increase as the water depth decreases.

Pat and me Small

I still marvel that we took a boat trailer and turned it into a kayak trailer.

Loading up R

Here’s our good-looking employee, Will Gobble.   Will has lived on the North Fork most of his life, is a certified lifeguard, and better yet, he can walk to work. We can yell at him that it’s time to come to work…that’s how close he lives to Adventure Mendota. Ladies..Will will help you in and out of the river!

Will Gobble

He and our nephew, Neth, went back out in the kayaks after we got home.  I think they thought they’d ride back on the back of the kayak trailer.  Not so, with Aunt Eva, on board.  They had to ride up front with the old folks!

Neth and Will

I can’t wait to meet everyone who has followed us on Facebook or sent good wishes.  Float the Fork!!

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