When You Get Here

We ask customers who come in to Float the Fork to arrive 30 minutes ahead of time.  Many ask why.

First, you have to check in and pay your fee.   Next, you must read and sign our liability waiver and be fitted with your personal flotation device.   Once all that is done, we walk down to the riverbank (a very short walk).  That’s when you see this…they are all there with their paddles waiting on you.

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We start at the left in the picture above helping you get in your kayak and pushing you off to start your 5 mile river kayak experience.  When you kayak with Adventure Mendota, you launch as a group and you are required to stay together as a group with your new kayak buddies.   You don’t have to be on top of one another, but you do need to be visually in sight of one of our kayaks.   Today they are red, yellow and blue.

River Scene

We do this so that you’ll arrive at our pickup spot at the same time but also for safety and security.  What if you got out of your kayak and slipped and hurt yourself?   Much of the 5 miles is remote–no roads.  Most of the 5 miles is without cell phone access.  Do you see why your kayak buddies are so important?    For nearly two hours, you have an extended family on the North Fork.

At any rate, our launch time is about 4 minutes for about 12 kayaks.  Pretty good don’t you think?

When we push you into the water, that is a fun time for us.   You immediately grin...no matter how old you are! You feel the smooth water under you with the gentle current.  You might bobble a bit on  your first few paddles but you’ll get the hang of it quickly.   You feel free.   For two hours, you need to just be a kayaker.  Nothing else. That’s Neth giving this nice kayaker her little boost in the water.     I hope she loved it.   

Pix 5

And then, at the end, we’ll help you out of your kayak, load the kayak on our transport vehicle, and then we’ll take you back to your car at our base camp.   However, you’ll not just be who you were before the trip.

You’ll be a kayaker!!  (That’s me by the way!)  Hey!  Leave me a comment!  Or am I talking to myself???

Ohio State Kayak GoPro Girl

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  1. cant wait to come and enjoy the ride down the river be my first time and i assume alot to come i seen your site on face book and my friends are talken about comen up thanks again to you and your family for bring something all familys and friends can enjoy doin togethere keep up the great job

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