Listed below are 2017 rates for kayaks including group rates.   Almost every week someone kayaks with Adventure Mendota and then they go shopping…for their own kayak!!    For those inquiring about using their own kayaks (park/shuttle), please click here.

For those renting kayaks on our downriver unguided kayak route:
Guests paddle under two swinging bridges and a secluded trestle away from the noise of roadways and people–out of cellphone range–until rejoining civilization when we pick them up at the Mendota Bridge. Time on the water will be approximately one-hour 45 minutes to two-hours 15 minutes depending on river conditions and the group’s paddling skills. The North Fork is a relatively shallow Class I river, so prior kayak experience is not required. With the exception of getting out and dragging their kayaks a few yards during late summer’s low water conditions, guests must remain in their kayaks during this journey as the banks of the North Fork are privately owned. Likewise, guests launch as a group and remain as a group for the duration of the journey. For those wishing to picnic, plan to do so on our banks before or after the trip; picnic tables are available.  Please visit our Information page for additional details such as weight limits, age requirements, etc.

$33 Single Kayak Rate (includes tax)
$33 rate includes a single Jackson or Old Town sit-on-top kayak, paddle and personal flotation device and all taxes. At launch time, our kayak team provides brief instructions, assists with the launch and sets everyone on their way! Upon the end of the journey at the Mendota Bridge, the Adventure Mendota kayak team will be there to assist guests off the river, carry and load kayaks and transport everyone back to base camp.   (Total aside…look how fun this is!   Beautiful river, sunny day, and there’s our beloved Clinch Mountain on the horizon!)

Optimized-River with Kayaks in it

$55 Tandem Kayak Rate (includes tax)
Adventure Mendota has a limited number of tandem kayaks which allow two guests to share one watercraft.   While a tandem kayak is not as agile as a single kayak, it may be an option for a parent and child or a couple who wish to remain in one watercraft.   Because of their size and the combined weight of two passengers, during low water conditions in late summer, we sometimes must make the decision to remove tandems from our kayak fleet.     

$30 (Single) or $50 (Tandem) Group Kayak Rates
For groups renting ten or more kayaks, rates are discounted to $30 per single kayak and $50 per tandem kayak.  One member of the group must be responsible for the total payment so that check-in is expedited.   For additional information on discounts, scroll down and check out “Thrifty Tuesday and Thrifty Thursday!”

$ Savings Days – Thrifty Tuesday and Thrifty Thursday
Save money on Tuesdays and Thursdays when we discount rates so that everyone renting kayaks enjoys the group rates $30 (single kayaks) or $50 (tandem kayaks).

$15 and $20 Park/Shuttle Rates (Per Kayak) or $25 for Tandem Kayak – Customer Owned Kayaks
Guests who wish to use our park/shuttle service must have a personal flotation device that meets the U.S. Coastguard requirements. Whistles are also required on every kayak.  Please note that we only transport kayaks as our trailers are not set up to transport canoes or other types of watercraft.   Park/shuttle is only available to/from locations where we either own or lease the land or have an agreement with a landowner to drop guests off.   We do not customize trips.   Likewise, these guests are required to sign Adventure Mendota’s liability waiver and to have appropriate river footwear for their trip (no flip flops or smooth-soled leather shoes).

$20 – For kayakers owning their own kayaks who wish to go on our downriver route:  Many times on our downriver route, someone who owns his or her own kayak will want to accompany friends renting our kayaks. For these guests, since the kayaks are mixed in with our kayaks on the kayak trailer, we will load and unload them into the trailer following the trip.    We do, however, ask that guests owning their own kayaks remove them from their vehicles at our launch location prior to the trip.   We do not offer group rates or discount rates for park shuttle services.  The rate for a tandem kayak will be slightly more at $25 due to weight and length which require more trailer space.    For this downriver option, those owning their own kayaks must agree to stay with the group and be picked up with the group.  No fishing is allowed on this route by Adventure Mendota guests due to safety and timing concerns.   

$15 – Upriver route for experienced kayakers owning their own kayaks: We have an upriver route for customer-owned kayaks only.  Guests will park at our base camp and then be transported with their kayaks five miles up river for launch.   Guests will be asked to assist in placing their kayaks on the trailer as well as removing them at the launch site where they will launch themselves into the river.   Once launched, guests will kayak back to base camp and and their vehicles.  Upon arrival at base camp, guests will then remove their kayaks from the river and place them on their vehicles.    Should you wish to transport a tandem kayak on this upriver route, the rate is $20.  

For this trip, kayakers must be able to navigate the rock dam pictured below at about four river miles into the trip.    This route was added for more experienced kayakers and/or those who also wish to fish while they are kayaking. If a guest wishes to fish, he or she must have a Virginia fishing license. There are no “stop-and-picnic” areas on this trip as the banks of the North Fork are privately owned; and this would be trespassing.   This $15 (or $20 for tandem/per watercraft) is for park-shuttle only on this new upriver route.   

The rock dam….

Rock Dam Summer Picture