Upriver Route

Upriver Route

During our first year we were asked by quite a few folks who owned their own kayaks, “can you get me on the river where I can fish?”     If you were one of these people, why don’t you try our five-mile upriver route?    About 13 did over Memorial Day 2016, including these four lovely ladies.

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We were a little worried about dropping them off knowing they had five river miles to paddle.  When we said “are you sure?”  They looked at us like we had grown a third eye, helped unload their kayaks and paddled off.   Girl power.  Why did we even question it?

Details…we need a minimum of two kayaks on a run such as this.  We charge $15 per kayak.   We keep the price low because we are going to ask you to help our driver in loading and unloading your kayak.   You can kayak back to your car, safety hanging out with us back at the shop, and all that we ask is that you arrive by 6 pm so that we can close up and go home and get some rest.  You’ll be tired, too, so it works for all of us.

It doesn’t work for other watercraft such as canoes or a flat-bottomed boat since our kayak trailer is…well…a kayak trailer.  If you want help with one of these, give us a call and we’ll talk through the best way to help you out, just keeping in mind that we can’t make a trip for only one watercraft at $15.   We always try our best to get you on the water, but sometimes it just does not work for other types of watercraft.

You still will need to sign a waiver and have appropriate footwear.   Hope to see you soon on the upriver route.